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Opinion Essay About Television

Watching TV is a huge waste of time. Just thinking about this poignant topic makes me angry. When I think of how many hours I have spent watching TV it makes me sick. The average kid watches 1,680 minutes per week of television. A 16 year old like me would have spent a total of about 2.7 years watching TV. Think of what could be done with three years on my hands! I can hardly believe I was coerced into spending my time in such a fruitless manner. Instead of doing something productive millions of people choose to inundate their brains with garbled nonsense.
Let’s face it, we are addicted to television. Most people exhibit four or five symptoms of dependency regarding TV. That’s more than enough to reach a clinical diagnosis of substance abuse. We need a comprehensive plan to get unhooked. Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to quit watching TV cold turkey so the only thing we can do is replace it with something less phlegmatic.
Our extra time can be best used by working together to colonize the lovely, sanguine planet mars. The earth is on its way down. We are faced with pollution, overpopulation, and many other catastrophic dilemmas that will consume anyone who doesn’t get of the way. Scientists all corroborate that the earth’s time is limited. We all need to be motivated by this impending doom to make a zealous effort to survive.

In my opinion, watching television is bad for children. When I am saying this I have in my attention two main reasons.

First, watching television make the children to isolate themselves from their friends and even though from their parents or brothers. It is very well known and accepted that the big TV companies have the “gift” to create very attractive shows, series and so on. These shows act as a trap for the young mind which is absorbed by the fantastic world of the fantasy. Who does not like a captivating show? In no time the children will forget that they have friend with whom they can play games , talk, in one word socialize.

Second, big part of the television shows and promote violence. Last week I have been flipping the TV channels up and down, and at six pm, when is usual the children’s time for relaxing, on all chanels I have seen just action movie’s or even worst, horror moovies and TV shoows with violent and impropper language. Even though , if you are watching the news, which are supposed to be informative and “inocent” , they are full of news about crimes, shooting and fights.

Third, beeing daily in front of TV for a long time the children might develop bad habbits such as giving up the phisical activity which can lead to an inactive life style which will be transfferd to adult life too. As a consequence the obesity will have favorable precondition to appear. For example, when I was six years old I have a friend who used to spend a lot of her free time in fron of the TV instead of coming out with us, the children from neigheberhood. She even used to eat in front of the TV. Now, she is still watching TV all afternoon instead of going out for a walk, for example.

By way of conclusion, based on arguments explored above, I am of the opinion that in most cases it is actual more beneficial if the children would spent less time in the fron of TV and more time doing something else such as playing games togheter with odher kuds, practicing a sport or reading.

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