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Acc 349 Week 5 Case Study Presentation Format

2Signature Assignment:  Ethics on the JobChoosing a specific job within a specific company after graduation from college is challenging.  Understanding the primary operations and how ethical issues can arise in any position is the first step.  The internal auditor is a position that draws interest currently.  It is a given that auditors face ethical issues regarding Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) standards practically daily.  But designing controls in place can prevent or detect unethical behavior for the future.Compliance or Operational Internal AuditorAccording to Monster Worldwide (2017), “Audits, legal compliance, documentation skills, and attention to detail, reporting research results, and thoroughness”(Auditor Job Duties).  Also, presentation skills, knowledge of financial software, corporate finance, and Statements of Financial Accounting Standards (SFAS) rules, as well as objectivity, are included within the main types of duties of an auditor.Ethical Issues That Might AriseAmato (2015), “Larry Rittenberg, CPA, a professor emeritus at the University of Wisconsin, said he and report co-author Patricia K. Miller, CPA, former IIA global chairman and Deloitte & Touché LLP partner, found that 55% of survey respondents had been asked at least once, and some more than once, to omit or modify an audit finding” (para. 7). Examples of such ethical issues would be Enron and WorldCom. In addition to management asked auditors to modify audit findings not only in areas of high or low-risk areas, but the ultimate motive would be to get at another individual within the company. Within this particular article, it always mentions that 49% of auditors are directed to not perform audits within high-risk areas and that 32% of auditors are directed to not perform audits within low-risk areas.

Unformatted text preview: Case Study Presentation Case Study Presentation Kaitlin Quattlander, Andrea Carter-Thomas, Mirza Pajevic, Lorenzo Collins ACC/349 October 6, 2014 Michael Wiltfong Custom Coatings ● For nearly 20 years Custom Coatings has provided painting and galvanizing services for manufacturers in its region. During the last year, as a result of a sharp upturn in the economy, the company's sales have increased by 30% relative to the previous year. The company has not been able to increase its capacity fast enough, so Custom Coatings has had to turn work away because it cannot keep up with customer requests. ● Top management is considering the purchase of a sophisticated robotic painting booth. If Custom Coatings purchases the booth, it would most likely lay off 15 of its 20 skilled painters. To analyze the decision, the company Contribution Margin Ratio ● Current Approach Automated Approach...
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