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The Ideal Family Essay Samples

The Benefits of Ideal Family Relationships

Ideal family relationships serve as critical pillars for interactions outside the household. The family instills character and determines people’s perceptions, attitudes, and beliefs about life. These attributes developed within the family endure throughout one’s life. Ideal relationships within the family create positive character by inspiring members to develop respect, discipline, and proper values. Another significant influence of ideal relationship in a family is the development of proper communication skills. The development of proper communication skills enables people to appreciate the benefits of teamwork and the strength in society’s diversity. Ideal family relationships inspire the development of positive character and proper communication skills that promote proper social interactions.

Children develop stable character when raised in a stable family. The ideal family relationships observed in a stable family enable children to learn proper personal and interpersonal skills from their parents. Parents teach and train children about the necessary life skills, such as emotional response, discipline, diligence, and interactional skills. These skills help children to respect the law and adapt to the societal expectations. Apart from developing positive character, ideal family relationships ensure that children enjoy the abundant emotional and physical support that constantly reinforces their growth and development.

Proper communication skills are necessary for the achievement of success in relationships. Ideal family relationships foster proper communication skills that allow people to express their feelings, actions and thoughts. Effective communication also requires people to develop the skills of actively listening to the contributions of other people. A stable family gives room for people to express themselves and listen to the thoughts of others, thereby, allowing mutual understanding. Parents are the overall authority and decision makers, but they allow children to contribute to the general family welfare. Effective communication within the family inspires people to develop proper social skills. Children learn to appreciate the value of teamwork and responsibility that are critical for social interaction from stable family backgrounds.

Ideal family relationships lead to proper social interactions by emphasizing effective communication and the development of positive character. Family stability implies that parents instill discipline and guide children towards responsible and responsive behavior. Children respect the rule of law and form perceptions, beliefs and attitudes about life from stable families. Effective communication within stable families promotes respect and understanding by ensuring that members express themselves and listen to contributions from other people. Ideal families emphasize proper communication and teamwork that are necessary for proper social interaction.


Because of the influence of European civilization joint family system has been looked down upon by the educated elite in India. The younger group in the society is fast growing materialistic and considers the old moral values as stale and unhealthy. Materialism brings in the natural phenomenon of selfishness. In the male dominated society the greatest casualty is women. It is rather strange that although generation gap is more prominent in India yet in tormenting women folk the two generations join hands. It all distorts the amiable atmosphere of a family.

In European countries women, after centuries of exploitation have started playing a different role. As “the institution of marriage is on the decline and divorce on the increase” a large number of women in Europe have started living alone. They avoid matrimony. They feel that they can have the responsibility of motherhood alone –even outside marriage. Single motherhood is replacing two parent families. Births without marriage show that many couples reject the traditional values. They live together, have children but do not believe in nuptial ties.

By now it was the male who dominated the society. But now women have taken to wings. Having children is a natural course for women. But having husbands is not necessary. The girls would like to have freedom of their own. They have fewer children, but start a family later in their late twenties. The women have started asserting that “it takes two to run a happy family. It is the turn of men now to realize their emotional responsibility to the family as well.” Apparently it all seems breaking the chains the women were tied with. They have a right to breathe fresh healthy air.

Families have been breaking because of severe assault by war, political conflict, haphazard industrial strategies, rapid urbanization, crime, violence, and government policies that pay little heed to integrity of families. The view of the UN is that “by forging links between communities’ families deepen understanding”. According to a former Secretary General of UN “ In the change and confusion of the modern world families can help bridge ethnic and political divide….by creating a wide pool of human and financial resources families encourage economic progress. And by caring for family members and learning positive social behavior together social welfare is encouraged.”

After this frank acceptance of the role of family in the social, economic and political field we, in India, should revitalize the institution of family in this country. Instead of aping the west we should guide them that family does not enhance only the social, economic and political growth, it is moral forces too. Running a family requires the essential spirit of cooperation, perseverance and tolerance. The Indian family system can prove a flashing ray of hope in the devastating world culture that is shrouded by sex,violence and disintegration. Let the world realize that the disintegration of family has given rise to a free sex society that is fast falling in the jaws of AIDS. The dragon may swallow the whole human life. India too has fallen a prey to it. Let us fall back upon the traditional moral values of a family life.

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