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Nus Scholarship Application Essay

A little more than a year ago, when she was preparing for her A-level examinations, Phoebe Lim was at a loss of words whenever there were family gatherings.


The 19-year-old explained: “My relatives kept asking me which course I intended to pursue and what scholarships I was going to apply for after my A levels.


“At that age, I believe most of us are quite clueless about what to go for. It is a crossroad of our lives, with many junctions to choose from. It can be a difficult decision.”


Eventually, Phoebe applied for the NUS Global Merit Scholarship (GMS). She picked the scholarship’s option to enrol in the into University Scholars Programme (USP), where she is now pursuing the Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) with a major in psychology and a minor in English language.

And she has not looked back since.


The NUS GMS is the leading freshmen scholarship award offered by the university to Singapore Citizen students who demonstrate finesse in academic results, intellectual capacity, character and leadership qualities, and a passion for creativity and innovation.


Besides tuition fees, there are annual living and accommodation allowances of $6,000 and $2,000 respectively. There is also a one-time S$2,000 computer allowance, which came in handy when Phoebe purchased her first MacBook.


The USP is an interdisciplinary academic programme that admits 180 students each year. Besides giving them the freedom to explore modules across disciplines, it also provides them with a wide range of extracurricular and overseas opportunities to develop their interests, and introduces them to a community of motivated and talented students.


The scholarship has not only lifted a financial load off Phoebe’s family, it also enabled her to pursue many enriching activities beyond curriculum hours.


“I used part of my living allowance to participate in a Youth Expedition Project to Vietnam last December, where we helped in the construction of houses for poor families. It was an incredibly priceless experience,” she recalled.


The scholarship also has a NUS GMS Enrichment Grant that sponsors scholars wishing to participate in local or overseas enrichment activities. Phoebe is applying for it to fund her trip to the annual Princeton Interactive Crisis Simulation Conference at the Princeton University campus this February.


“I’m very interested in International Relations, and this conference will be a great opportunity for me to learn more about it.”


The best part of the NUS GMS though, said Phoebe, is the absence of a bond.


“This is good for those who may not be sure of which industry or corporation they want to work in upon graduation,” she explained.


“For example, I was first interested in psychology as a subject before being attracted by speech therapy as a profession. I’m sure many people tend to be interested in an area of study first before making decisions about their career later on.


“This scholarship gives them the freedom to do just that.”

Hi everyone out there! I would like to seek some advice and editing on grammar and language errors for this essay. It is for a scholarship app for National University of Singapore (NUS).


1. Describe, in less than 2000 characters, an exceptional achievement that highlights your academic interests and intellectual capacity that would be of value to the NUS community.

My interest in economics, business and finance has been long standing. Since young, I have always been particularly intrigued by how economic structures work collectively to bring about greater progress to a country. I feel that combining these interests with business management will enable me to have a sound footing to embark on a career in either economic or financial business sectors.

Throughout my secondary and junior college years, I have always been determined and studious. Due to my Chinese- based background, I spent a long time struggling with my General Paper (GP) and Economics classes. Nevertheless, I told myself not to throw in the towel that easily; instead I put things into perspective, and saw it more of an obstacle that I had to face rather than to be defeated by it. I understand that being responsible for my studies and putting my best foot forward are essential if I want to excel in these subjects. Therefore, be it by memorizing or constantly practising, I strived to break the glass ceilings in these subjects. My contributions in class discussions have also improved, breeding the confidence within me to speak out in front of the whole class. My perseverance paid off when these consistent efforts finally translated into substantial improvement and eventually outstanding grades for all my subjects. Now I am proud of myself. Overcoming these challenges taught me about persistence and about being unfaltering in the face of adversities. Today, I always seek to motivate myself, that despite daunting challenges that line up my path, I would never let myself get diverted from the path to achieving the goals that matter most to me.

By joining the NUS community, I know that I will once again find myself in an academic environment that is presented with rewarding challenges. With the "never quit" attitude" I have developed triumphing over these difficulties, I believe these values and beliefs will help me excel and succeed in the future.


*General Paper (GP) is basically a English paper. Comprehension skills and essay are tested.

Thank you very much in advance :)

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