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Cpt Code 55875 Descriptive Essay

The urologists I worked for used to go both ways. sometimes they would place the seeds and sometimes the RadioOnc would do it. When my doctors did it I would code for it with the placement code (55876) and the US guidance code (see below) as directed in CPT.

For the ultrasound guidance, unless they were also completing a report for the transrectal ultrasound being billed (76872) then this would be inappropriate to bill as it is not an accurate depiction of the services performed, and cannot be supported with documentation. Ultrasound needle guidance is billed with 76942 and not 76965, because 76965 is US guidance for placement of interstitial radioelement application, which is not being performed. The gold seeds do not deliver radiation, they "allow for precision in targeting radiation and/or for measuring the radiation doses received....The inserted capsule may act as a fiducial marker, dosimeter, or, in many cases, will serve in both roles." (per Encoder Pro)

In the end, always bill for the US guidance in addition to the main procedure, as long as it is performed and you have documentation to support it.

- В одном из ваших мозговых штурмов. - Это невозможно. Я никогда не распечатываю свои мозговые штурмы. - Я знаю.

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