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Vires Artes Mores Essays

People who know me know that I am not an image of physical strength or of traditional background. People who know me would call me talented, artsy and graceful. Now I know what you're thinking...graceful? For the past nine years I have been passionate about dancing and performing on stage. I accurately exemplify the philosophical guideline of Artes. In my nine years of training, I have studied ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, hip-hop, modern as well as some basic ballroom styles and am continuously growing in those styles. . Dancing has influenced me greatly in ways such as gaining strong leadership skills, learning the meaning of dedicated and disciplined, as well as figuring out how to believe in myself.

A dance company is one big team or family. Some of our dances have fifty or more people in them which take a lot of strenuous work to get the choreography correct along with the formations perfect. A leader must rise out of the group to make sure steps are hit properly and timing is on. The leader must also assure the group to be confident and reassure them if they mess up. I am the one that takes that responsibility. This leadership skill has allowed me to take charge or group projects in school and strive for a good grade. Over the years I have learned the fine line between leading and dictating. I believe that to be a good leader one has to listen to others and intake their information and skills. Nothing gets accomplished if the leader just assigns tasks to the members with out consulting what their strengths and weaknesses are.

Many people do not realize the physical strength and stamina dancing takes to make it look effortless and graceful. A lot of dedication goes into improving technique and growing in new and upcoming styles. I am at the studio six days a week for a total of about fifteen hours a week. This dedication is exemplified in my everyday life because I have learned that hard work really does pay off so I have been known as a person who never quits and follows through what I am doing. Even when times get hard and I have a million things to do at once, I manage my time efficiently to get everything done on time. Dance isn't just a high-paced activity, but an emotional one too. One of the biggest characteristics of a dancer is discipline. In class, we are to act professional and mature because we are there to learn although on occasion we do have some fun because we are one big family. When I'm not in the studio my principles at dance still apply. I am very respectful to people and show common courtesy.

Just imagine the anticipation that overwhelms a dancer right before they step on stage to perform solely on their own. Confidence is a huge part of dance because a dancer can't perform their best if they are self-conscience about what others think or if they believe they will mess up. What I have learned over the years is to just dance because it is what I love to do. People can think whatever they want about me because I dance for myself. I believe confidence is a key asset to have in the real world because one must have the skills to give a report, make conversation and they must be secure with themselves so they know its okay to fail. Failing is a big part of life that helps growth occur.

Florida State University Vires, Artes, and Mores Scholarship Sample Essay

Select a torch and submit a short essay (250 words maximum) on the qualities that torch represents and how it is a part of something you personally value

Florida State University Values Essay


Vires, which represents strength of all forms, provides humankind its characteristic tenacity. Its spirit pushes us to persevere against all adversity in order to achieve our potentials. I, for example, have felt the power of Vires as a martial artist.

Practicing martial arts bestowed upon me physical strength. To me, perseverance against physical limits is indicative of physical strength. I have trained with kickboxing state champions, and have been beaten up by them, but I am not dissuaded. No matter the bruises or micro-fractures in my shins I have continued on. Clearly, my martial arts training has developed my physical strength.

Furthermore, practicing martial arts has developed my moral strength. My teachers have always advocated, as cliché as it sounds, that the strong must protect the weak. I have implemented this teaching in my life by volunteering to help the mentally handicapped and raising money for water wells in Africa. Thus martial arts training has developed my moral strength.

Finally, practicing martial arts instilled in me the mental discipline required for intellectual strength. I have achieved academic success in rigorous IB and AP courses and nearly aced the ACT through sheer hard work. I have also never suffered from the infamous "senioritis." Therefore, practicing martial arts has fostered my intellectual strength.

Vires has always aided me in the past and so I will continue to embody its spirit as a proud Seminole. The spirit of Vires, however, is inherent to all of us and will guide us through life's hardships.


As Aristotle once astutely observed, "All men, by nature, desire knowledge." The pursuit for knowledge has enthralled humankind throughout all of recorded history. Artes represents this thirst for knowledge. It engenders deep-seated curiosity that has permitted us to understand the most ostensibly unknowable of concepts. Without the spirit that Artes embodies, progress would surely cease. This fact, in of itself, makes Artes a beautiful virtue. Interestingly, however, the spirit of Artes can awaken our intellectual curiosity quite unexpectedly.

I once performed an experiment to determine the molar volume of a gas at standard conditions. As I analyzed the data, I serendipitously noticed that the ideal gas law more accurately led to the molar volume of a gas than standard stoichiometrical calculus does. I was initially baffled, but I was extremely interested as to why this puzzling phenomenon occurred. I reviewed the relevant concepts, but could not find any mention of this phenomenon. As I intently pondered over the subject, I realized that the ideal gas equation accounts for more relevant variables than does Stoichiometry! I felt profound pride as I stumbled upon this subtle discovery.

While this discovery is admittedly small (and I am sure chemists already knew of this phenomenon), the thrill of solving the puzzle enkindled an intellectual curiosity inside of me. As Artes symbolizes one of the most important qualities Prometheus bestowed upon man-the curious mind, I cannot help but to aspire to uphold its ideals at Florida State University as both a student and assistant researcher.


The Fall of Saigon was a terrible blow to many Southern Vietnamese, such as my parents. My parents were lucky enough, however, to escape the newly Communist Vietnam. My father, however, had to leave most of their respective families behind.

Fortunately, my father's parents were able to move over here a few years ago. The partially re-united family rejoiced in the conclusion to the painful and prolonged separation of kin. My grandparents, however, suffered contemplating how their son, my father, had to grow up without their guidance. Likewise, my father wistfully expressed sorrow at growing up with an empty void where his parents should have been.

We decided to make the most of what time we had left. We constantly had family outings and helped each other in household chores. My grandparents even moved into a house across the street so that that we could spend even more time together. Vietnamese traditions became even more prevalent in my home as my parents attempted to make my grandparents feel at home.

I, however, realized that I needed to go see the world for myself in order to grow as an individual. I decided to attend a college almost 300 miles away from home, against my family's wishes, in order to develop as an individual.

Despite my choice to leave my family, I still believe in maintaining family customs and tradition. I will discover myself here at Florida State University, but I won't forget to make surprise visits home.

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