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Railway Station Scene Essay

"Your train has been delayed and you are waiting at the railway station. Give a vivid description of the hustle-bustle and confusion that is so much a part of the place."

At times due to unavoidable and unforeseen circumstances a train gets delayed. This time when we were going to Darjeeling and the train was delayed for nearly three hours. I remember how we were hurrying about to get to the station early so that we do not miss the train under any circumstance. To, our surprise we were more than early at the railway station. The Darjeeling express was delayed for nearly three hours on account of intense fog and unfavourable weather conditions; and we were there at the station three hours before the train would actually arrive at the station.

In these circumstances, one can only wait and there are no two ways about it! In the course of waiting for the train to arrive, it was quite entertaining to take a glimpse of the railway station with its hustle and bustle all around. We could see throngs of people walking in and out of the platforms. There were crowds of people at the station. The first thing I noticed that a good number of people were at the enquiry counter demanding information and the reasons for trains being delayed. The officer at the enquiry counter had no choice but to repeat the same answer to all the passengers enquiring about the status of the trains.

Once the passengers understood that the train is delayed, they started finding comfortable locations in the station to rest a while. Some passengers went to the rest rooms, while others sat on the platform after spreading some newspapers or bed sheets. It was amusing to see vendors moving to and fro the station with different types of goods for transportation in hand carts. Some of these hand carts were carrying passenger luggage as well. People were busy buying eatables such as fruits, food items, biscuits, distilled water bottles etc. for the journey from several shops inside the station. Vendors selling tea and coffee were doing their rounds almost every ten minutes. Apart from this there was a restaurant inside the station catering to customers from all walks of life. The restaurant was crowded with people having their meals that ranged from Continental, North Indian, South Indian, Chinese and Bengali food. There was a good deal of commotion at the railway station. In the meantime I also started to feel hungry. My father picked up some Chinese food for me.

It was almost close to three hours and it was time for the train to arrive. We got our luggage ready and were hopefully expecting the train to arrive at the station. It was such a long wait! But suddenly I got a glimpse of the engine of the train. I was overjoyed! I was happy that finally the wait was over and now I would be on my way to Darjeeling soon. As soon as the train stationed itself on the platform, we got in and settled down in our berths. In a while the guard waved the green flag signaling departure and the train left the station. My heart exclaimed - Hurrah! We are on our way to Darjeeling!

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A Scene at A Railway Station

A Scene at A Railway Station :

Travelling by trains is very cheap and comfortable so a railways station is a place full of great hustle and bustle. Here we come across people form different parts of the country in different fashions and colors.

Last Sunday, I went to the Chennai central station to see off my friend. He was going to Calcutta by the Howrah Mail. The waiting hall was crowded with all sorts of passengers. There was a long queue in front of the booking window. Everyone seemed to be in a hurry. A passenger’s pocket was picked. But the pickpocket was caught red-handed and handed over to the police. I bought the ticket and came off. We soon reached the platform. The scene there was very interesting. Passengers were waiting eagerly for the arrival of the train. Some were sitting on benches and smoking or reading newspaper. A few were pacing up and down the platform. The vendors were having a busy time. There was rush at tea-stall. The coolies in red uniforms were sitting in a line.

The train stamped in. There was noise and commotions everywhere. There was a great rush at the doors of compartments. Many passengers got down and many more got in. Coolies were seen carrying heavy bundles of luggage on their heads. Children clung to their parents in the great rush. The whole platform was full of noise.

Luckily, my friend got a comfortable seat near a window. Soon all were settled. It was time for the train to depart. The guard flew the whistle and waved the green flag. The engine whistled and the train began to move. There was waging of hands and hand kerchiefs. The train gains speed and kept the stations. The platform looked a deserted place once again.

A Scene at A Railway Station

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